The 7 Members of BTS Were Identified in the Most Surprising Ways

On the off chance that you’re a piece of the ARMY, you’ve most likely considered how BTS individuals were distinguished and created. Their story, similar to that of other incredible groups before them, is a mix of the normal and startling. “No More Dream,” BTS’ first melody, was delivered in 2013. RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope have become easily recognized names among K-pop fans overall from that point forward.

BTS has become one of the greatest and most notable craftsmen in K-pop history, with VIP admirers like Shawn Mendes, Tyra Banks, and Charlie Puth. BTS, then again, wasn’t consistently BTS. BTS individuals were basically seven conventional South Korean young men with dreams of pop notoriety 10 years prior. Then Big Hit Entertainment showed up, and their lives were for all time changed. As ARMYs are very much aware, 2020 was a turning point for the band.

Anyway, how did BTS come to be the band they are today? Keep perusing to find out pretty much the BTS individuals’ all’s disclosures.


RM, whose complete name is Kim Namjoon, is the band’s chief and the band’s establishing part. One of the band’s rappers is RM, whose previous stage name was Rap Monster. In the 6th school, he started rapping subsequent to finding Epik High’s “Fly.” RM made music under the assumed name Runch Randa when he was in center school, which prompted his joining the Daenamhyup rap pack.


Jungkook is an individual from BTS and goes by the name Jeon Jeongguk. He is likewise the band’s most youthful part, gathering him the moniker “Brilliant Maknae” from BTS. Jungkook was found subsequent to trying out in his old neighborhood of Busan for the third time of Superstar K. Kookie is his pet name.


V is the child of Daegu ranchers, whose complete name is Kim Taehyung. On his dad’s recommendation, V began playing the saxophone in secondary school determined to turn into a performer. Then, at that point, he went to Daegu with a companion to try out for Big Hit Entertainment.


Suga, whose genuine name is Min Yoongi, began as a rapper as Gloss in secondary school. Suga became famous as a rapper and a maker in a short measure of time. (In his country of Daegu, he was perceived for making and orchestrating beats for neighborhood artists like the band D-Town.)


Jin was the fourth individual from BTS, and his complete name is Kim Seokjin. Jin was found by SM Entertainment while strolling around the roads of Anyang.


Park Jimin was BTS’s last part and his complete name is Park Jimin. While an understudy at the Busan High School of Arts, where he was shown in the Department of Dance, a moving educator urged Jimin to try out for Big Hit Entertainment.


Prior to joining BTS, J-Hope, whose complete name is Jung Hoseok, was most popular as an artist. He was an individual from the dance gathering Neuron in his old neighborhood of Gwangju prior to applying for JYP Entertainment. In the wake of enduring a couple of rounds, J-Hope was terminated from JYP, compelling him to apply for Big Hit Entertainment all things considered.

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